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Codex explores how Wikipedia’s language communities delineate space. The work grows out of the Terra Incognita project, focusing on how the encyclopaedia’s textual metadata can be used to…

Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita visualises the evolution of Wikipedia over the last decade, mapping the geographic articles for over 50 languages. The maps highlight cultural biases, unexpected areas of focus, the overlaps…

Luminous Cities

Luminous Cities explores how urban landscapes are described by the accumulation of traces left by social media. Focusing on geo-coded photos from platforms such as Flickr, Instagram and…

Luminous Images

Luminous Images

Southern Ocean Studies

The Southern Ocean Studies are part of a series of works which explore how climate models can function as representations of climate change beyond their original scientific contexts…


Locus visualises the media coverage given to regions of conflict over the last decade. Using the Guardian Open Platform news articles have been mapped to the relevant cities…


Cyclone brings together two contemporary phenomena: the charting of severe weather conditions, and the polarized nature of debate that occurs online.


die.txt is a bio-engineered text editor. As the user types, individual words spawn outgrowths of alternative meanings and definitions. These metonyms are sucked from Wordnet, a lexical reference…

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